Online wellbeing seminars for students

There are three online seminars that I can deliver ‘live’ to students.

SEMINAR 1: RISING TO CHALLENGES – a well-being seminar for Final Year students

Final year students experience a lot of stress as examination loom. Some students take exams too seriously and burn-out with unnecessary worry and panic. Other students need to work a little harder and plan better. Every student shares one key objective in common – they all want to achieve good results. It is all about setting realistic goals and taking a balanced approach to the challenges involved.

In this seminar (which is specifically geared towards students facing final year exams) students will be taught key strategies to help them sustain appropriate levels of motivation but also how to protect their mental health. They need to be at their best in order to do their best.

SEMINAR 2: LIVING LIFE WELL – a seminar about the Psychology of Health and Happiness (suitable for all students)

In recent years psychologists have started to examine positive emotion. This research has focused on what makes people happier, what gives them more meaning and purpose in life, and what measures they can take to lead to overall greater health.

This seminar will outline simple, practical, and most importantly, evidence-based strategies linked to a better quality of life. The hope is that it will uplift and inspire change in the lives of those students who listen but even more importantly inspire them to incorporate it into the school community and their homes.

SEMINAR 3: THE RESILIENCE TOOLBOX – Strategies for Staying Well during Challenging Times (suitable for all students)

Resilience is the ability to adapt to the challenges of life. In recent decades psychologists have conducted research into the most resilient people cross-culturally. They have uncovered specific traits/factors that we all can utilise to help us when we are under pressure or immense stress. Becoming more resilient will not mean that problems disappear. Resilience is more about learning how to cope – tapping into our own resources and fostering inner-strengths. This seminar outlines some evidence-based strategies linked to greater outcomes during challenge and change.

If interested please email stating preferred dates/times and name of school for more information