The Art of Living Well – special webinar coming soon

Maybe you might be interested in this webinar?

The Art of Living Well – Cultivating-happiness, purpose and balance

Monday 11th September 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm ( a link to a recording of it will be made to those who register and for some reason cannot attend)

Cost : €30 (plus Eventbrite booking fee)

This 90 minute ‘live’ online seminar offers you an opportunity to reflect on how you are living your life, offer ways in which you can reinvigorate your approach and refresh your perspective to living and working.

I will guide you through practical strategies, empowering insights, and actionable steps that can lead you towards a better quality of life.

Through the sharing of research driven suggestions and real-life examples you’ll have an opportunity to learn simple strategies that will help you establish better balance in your approach to living and working.

There will also be ample time for discussion and questions.

If for some reason you cannot attend the ‘live’ event I will provide you with a link to a recording of it.

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