Once a teacher – always a teacher!

My first career was in teaching. It was a very happy time in my life and I have always had great respect and appreciation for the wonderful work that takes place within school communities.

Over twenty years I have visited over five hundred schools throughout the length and breadth of Ireland. Teachers need to mind themselves and stay passionate about their responsibilities. Students need to manage stress but also develop an awareness for the things that matter most in life – like happiness, health and resilience. Parents and guardians need to know that they are effective partners with the school in terms of fostering the traits within children that are needed for living a quality life of purpose and meaning.

I will always have time to visit schools. Although most of my work is within the corporate sector nowadays, I still have insightful and empowering seminars available for teachers and students alike. I will never stop offering these options because I love delivering them.

It may be possible to visit your school next year. I do not have many free days but the office will do its best to accommodate any school that is interested in arranging a visit.

There are fourteen different seminars available for teachers and three available for students.

Principals, deputy principals and teachers charged with responsibility for school wellbeing should email office@moodwatchers.com for more information

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