Kindness is never wasted

I was running late; a traffic jam had stolen all my comfort time. I hurried toward the entrance door.

That’s when I spotted Trevor, coming out of the same building I was about to enter.

Trevor isn’t a close friend, but we often chatted when he served me coffee. I hadn’t seen him since before the pandemic. During our last meeting, he informed me that he was very sick and had a challenging journey ahead.

I often wondered about his well-being, but I had no way to contact him since the coffee shop closed. Despite being late for my meeting, I wasn’t going to rush past him. Having a few words with him was more important to me than punctuality.

I kindly inquired about his health. “They can’t remove the tumour,” he said, “but I’m still here.”

Over the years, his hair had turned snow white and his eyes seemed tired. I discussed the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors and the value of connecting with nature. I reminded him of the need for a hobby to distract him from worrying. He thanked me and asked, “How is everyone in Ennis?” The question didn’t make sense, so I simply replied, “Everyone is fine.”

“Are you still with Elanco?” he asked.

“No,” I replied, realising he had mistaken me for someone else and that he possibly didn’t remember me at all.

We said our goodbyes, and I encouraged him to lean on the people he loved. “Thanks for the kindness,” he shouted as I walked towards my car.

He may not have remembered me, but kindness is never wasted. Spread a bit of kindness around this weekend!

(C) Shane Martin


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