The Psychology of Renewal – a brand new seminar with Shane Martin

A brand new seminar with Shane Martin about psychological renewal as people adjust to living and working in uncertain times.

This pandemic has tested people like nothing we have ever experienced before. Our world has changed forever.

Despite the success of vaccination programmes there is a prevailing sense of insecurity affecting many people at a subconscious level. We are internalising worries about variants, new working dynamics and even being physically close to people again. We took so  many basic things for granted. All of us are hoping that the mentally challenging restrictions are about to ease and fade into the distance. We are clinging to this hope.

In this brand new seminar Shane will explore the psychological consequences of this pandemic and offer pathways to learning from the experience and turning a new page. We cannot just return to the workplace without taking stock of what has happened. As human beings we need to learn in order to continue to grow and develop. We need to rise not only to the challenges of a post-COVID world but possibly adapt to a continuous stream of variants of the virus.

Teams need to regroup. We need to recommit and re-energise. We need to tap into our inner-strengths and rediscover or unearth a new sense of purpose to our lives and work. Psychological resilience is not the only need. It is also about psychological and spiritual renewal. We need to seek a deeper sense of meaning in what we do. We need to take control again and refresh our approach to life and work.

Shane will share with the audience how research indicates that having a meaningful life with a clear purpose improves mental health, self-worth, and self-confidence. People who know what they are living for and why tend to feel good about who they are and what they’re doing. Having a sense of purpose in life and in our work is a very powerful health enhancer and linked to more sustainable happiness.

Now is the perfect opportunity to connect better with yourself, others and your world. You will learn about your potential not only to cope with uncertainty but to adapt to it and rise above it. This seminar is a ‘must have’ in the times we are living in.

Please email for more information. There is a lot of interest in this seminar and bookings are now being taken for the coming months. Dates are limited.