Monthly Archives: November 2021


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the moment.

It is so easy to be fed up these days. For over a year and a half we have had to adjust to a so called ‘new normal’. The spontaneity of life has disappeared. We cannot plan ahead anymore. Nothing is certain. In fact, uncertainly is the constant theme. We are in a state of flux. We look to our leaders for guidance but they keep changing the script. They seem to know as much as ourselves! The vaccinations promised to restore a degree of normality but now that is fading away. The prize for the vaccinated didn’t arrive. It’s almost like a false promise or as if we have been cheated.

The daily newsfeed doesn’t lift our spirits. New cases, ICU rates, deaths, climate change, corrupt governments, international tensions, Brexit chaos. The litany of negativity is endless.
Being fed up is normal. Being anxious makes total sense. Sensing helplessness is a reasonable perspective. Sadness too – it’s very sad what has happened our world. So can we do anything about it? Of course we can. You are fully in charge of the smaller things – the more immediate aspects of your life.
Try the following:
1. Stop constantly listening to the news. Only listen to it a couple of times a week. You don’t need a constant flow of negative happenings. It may be bringing you down.
2. Delete social media from your smartphone. You can check for updates through your browser on your laptop or computer. This way you won’t feel the need to keep checking for unwanted and unnecessary updates.
3. Fantasy is a great escape. Fiction is a great friend. Make a list of movies you would love to see and organise a series of in-house cinema in your living room.
4. A hobby is a great companion at the moment. It takes you away from all the dooms day scenarios and gloomy theories. Dig up a long lost hobby or start a new one!
5. There is therapy in the clay. Nature is often a much neglected resource. Start into your garden. Plant herbs on the kitchen window sill. Buy a bird table. Create an outdoor space for sitting in the calm of the day. Or grab your coat and head for a walk to a beautiful space.
The anxiety we feel is fully justified. So it the anger and frustration.

When you’re feeling fed-up it’s important to foster hope within yourself. Hope is more than just a state of mind; it is an action-oriented strength. It only exists in the context of ‘doing’. Otherwise you’re just ‘wishing’ for things to improve for yourself. Wishing is a waste of precious time. If you’re fed-up – you have to try things that lift your mood. You mightn’t govern the earth. You mightn’t know what’s coming next. But you are in charge of ‘now’ and thank God for that!!

(C) Shane Martin