Monthly Archives: June 2021

Maybe you’re in the wrong job!

Many people spend most of their lives doing the things that they feel they are meant to be doing. The truth is that we all would be happier doing what we really want to be doing!! People can easily find themselves in the wrong jobs. When you consider that you spend most of your life working and sleeping – it is important to question yourself. We all need to wake up and take responsibility for the kind of life we live. Too many people are wishing for more happiness instead of making the changes that can potentially deliver more of it in real terms.

The educational system is often the culprit. It can steer people in the wrong direction. For instance, students who perform excellently academically tend to pursue the careers associated with higher points and excellent results. This does not necessarily mean that they will experience greater job satisfaction. Other people find themselves in the same careers as one or both of their parents. There was some kind an assumption made that this is what was meant to happen. There are thousands of people in jobs that do not suit them at all. This leads to burn-out and unhappiness.

A teacher who cannot engage a class should not be teaching. A nurse who does not have a natural compassionate disposition should not be nursing. A musician who only wants fame and fortune may have strayed from what gives him most happiness – playing music because he loves it. Society dictates that we all need money. Money pays for food in the fridge, clothes on your back and heat in the radiators. But how you make the money you need is what may determine the levels of life satisfaction that you experience. It is all about being true to ourselves. It is about playing to our natural strengths. We were brought up to believe that we need to look before we leap. It is almost as if we we are following some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy – with an in-built determination to do the most ‘sensible’ thing. However, it is often much better fun to leap before we look. Many people land in a happier place. If we spent some time exploring our natural inner-strengths we could open a new door. Sadly, within our schools there are more conversations about weaknesses or deficits. All the formal interventions seem to be about improving what you are not good at instead of helping you discover who you really are.