Monthly Archives: November 2017

Don’t miss it!

We’re approaching the season when we start wishing people happiness and good health. But there is too much wishing, hoping and praying (not that I’m against prayer – might I add). We underestimate our own potential to have the best possible life despite setbacks and misfortune. I’m looking forward to sharing the best tips I’ve gathered from the best research to an audience that will meet on the 17th December in the Hawk’s Well Theatre in Sligo at 8pm. Anyone who knows me will know what to expect – stories, humour and this time I’m throwing in a couple of poems that I wrote that will match the themes I’ll be discussing. The aim is to have everyone bouncing out of the theatre in the best of form and in the knowledge that many simple strategies make a big difference to the quality of our lives. All proceeds will be going to the Mitchell Sisters Independent Living Project. Please ‘share’ this post and spread the word. Tickets €15 and they’re selling fast.