Monthly Archives: April 2015

Have you become boring?

I met a women yesterday who is literally counting the days until she takes her annual leave. She has scheduled five days leave for the end of April. She said that she can’t wait until she has five consecutive days off to do nothing.

IMG_2891Often we become frustrated and mentally tired in our workplaces. We need breaks and thank God for holidays. But doing ‘nothing’ will not energise you. Often people waste their precious annual leave days by doing ‘nothing’ with them. We all need a rest and a few lazy days might be what the doctor ordered. However, we should  plan for pleasure. Many people give up the very things that make them tick i.e. musicians who have left their guitar in the hot press for years, artists whose canvases are in the attic and writers who no longer read or write. We become absorbed by our duties and responsibilities.  We forget about ourselves as we chase outcomes and set targets.  Work and more work (even when we come home!) becomes the ritual of life.

We all experience  some anxiety and stress in our lives. That’s why it’s so important to engage in IMG_2889the activities that take us to a neutral place. Our mood improves when we become engaged in the activities that we love doing. We become less frustrated with life. Many people just work and sleep. They often openly admit that they get nothing from life. They become very boring.

It’s up to us to legislate for pleasure in our lives. When you’re on holidays make sure to create space for yourself. Do the things that energise you – the things that take you to a different dimension!