Holding onto precious time….,

HOLDING ONTO PRECIOUS TIME -10 Things I’m learning about TIME – and maybe it’s time I learned them!!

1. As you grow older you become more conscious of the passing of time

2. Time is precious. Too many sleep-ins are a waste of time Too much of anything spoils the experience.

3. My most productive time of my day is in the morning. Our brains seem better wired for early starts

4. There is no such thing as having no time. We have loads of time but waste lots of it.

5. There is no such thing as having nothing to do. Time can be filled with valuable actions and deeds

6. Structure is key. Deciding what you need to do and setting a timeframe makes it more likely to happen.

7. When a workday exactly ends can be a fuzzy boundary to keep. A lot of us don’t really ‘come’ home. We let our jobs infringe a lot on home-time.

8. There is no harm in questioning how you spend your time. Are you in the right job? Are you doing the things you love?

9. Our time is the greatest gift you can give the sick, lonely and heartbroken.

10. And don’t be afraid to give yourself some of it too!

(c) Shane Martin