Time to catch-up?

Often, happiness is found under our noses—in the places we never look. The simple things make a huge difference, but we tend to take a lot for granted. According to research, happier people invest time in family and friendships. Creating time to properly connect with the people we love ensures that the foundations of these relationships remain strong.

As we grow older, we become less social. Yet, it’s when we grow older that we need more people in our lives. Our social network shouldn’t become smaller when we settle into a relationship or job. The more friends we have, the better. Speaking to different people about different things is refreshing and good for us.

Maybe over the bank holiday, we can catch up and spend quality time together with the people we love most and reconnect better with our friends. Invite someone over, arrange to meet for a drink, or make a date for a coffee and chat. Friends are like gold dust, and we shouldn’t take them for granted.

(C) Shane Martin

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