Are you a spacer?

It’s not a nice thing to be called – a spacer. I had a teacher who used to call some students spacers. He applied the term to the daydreamers – the students who had drifted away in their heads from what was being covered in class. I often feel that we all can get wrapped up in things that don’t matter as much as we might think. Our minds can become overloaded very easily. There are probably a lot spacers around!

Ever run up the stairs to fetch something and forget what it was? Or drive past the turn that you were meant to take? Or fail to remember who told you something earlier in the day? Our minds can become overloaded. We can find ourselves rushing to the next thing, forgetting about the last thing, and not being aware that we’re HERE! It’s important to give our minds some rest.

Sometime today, sit down and close your eyes. Listen for sounds. How many different sounds can you hear? Can you sense the natural rhythm of your breath? It’s the gift of life within you. Go for a walk on your own and connect with the world around you. Smell, touch, taste, and see! We need to become aware that we are here by truly connecting with our world. The more you practice these simple strategies, the more relaxed you will become. It might sound too simple, but with practice, research has confirmed that these strategies reap huge health benefits.

(C) Shane Martin

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