Sometimes you have to push yourself more!

I love movies. Fantasy takes you away from reality and while it’s always important to stay grounded – it’s no harm whatsoever to court a little escapism.

I think it’s hard to beat the cinema when it comes to experiencing movies as they should be. The big screen, the Dolby pro-logic surround sound and the popcorn. Netflix, Prime and Apple allow us view movies on our televisions but it’s great to get out of the living room for a change.

I purchased an Omniplex members card recently. At €14.99 a month it allows me to watch as many movies as I want. The minimum subscription is three months and then you can either cancel or renew. It was an experiment on my behalf. I wondered if I put money where my mouth is – if I paid in advance would it change my cinema habit. The answer is a definite yes. I haven’t been to the cinema as often in years. It’s truly a great night out.

Sometimes people say they only go to good movies. But our individual choices are very subjective and any movie is better than no movie. There is always a menu on offer and there is no harm on trying a movie that you haven’t heard much about. We were always told to look before you leap but lately I’ve discovered that leaping before you look is better craic!!

Sometimes we have to push ourselves. All work and no play makes Jack (or Jackie) a dull boy or girl.

I’ve organised my first in-person seminar in over three years. It takes place in the Sligo Park Hotel on Saturday 25th March 9.30-1 pm. Suitable for everyone it will focus on health, happiness and resilience.
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