Are you fed up with this pandemic?

  • Are you fed up with this pandemic?
  •  Is anxiety beginning to grip you? 
  • Are you tired of the doom and gloom?
  •  Do you want to learn how to cope better?

I have a brand new seminar specifically designed for the times we live in. The objective of this special online seminar is to help you cope better with the upheaval and uncertainty of this pandemic.

It will take place via Zoom on Saturday 27th November 9.30 -12.30 am (inclusive of small breaks)CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Empowering evidence- based material 
  • Ample opportunity for discussion
  • Access to a special online library of resources 
  • A self-care plan for the coming months
  • A CPD certificate issued to all participants

This pandemic has tested people like nothing ever experienced before. Our world has changed forever. Despite the success of the vaccination programme cases continue to rise. We cannot plan for the future with the degree of certainty we were accustomed to. There is a prevailing sense of insecurity affecting many people even at a subconscious level. 

In this brand new morning seminar I will explore the psychological consequences of this pandemic and offer ways to learn from the experience and turn a new page. We need to take stock of what has happened but also move forward with a renewed focus on what matters about this life we live. We need to learn not only to rise to the challenges of COVID-19 but to  the inevitable challenges that lie ahead.

Humans have an innate capacity to cope much better than they think. Some very simple strategies/habits can foster the traits we need for coping. We can harness hope within ourselves. We can use this pandemic as an opportunity to renew ourselves spirituality but also to help us balance our lives better. We can learn to relax better and tackle anxiety with more confidence. 

You will learn about your potential not only to cope with uncertainty but to adapt to it and rise above it. This seminar is a ‘must have’ in the times we are living in. It costs €30 inclusive of booking fee, resources and certificate. You can register by clicking on the link below:


Topics covered include:

  • Becoming more grounded – the therapeutic benefits of nature
  • Adding zest to life 
  • Self-care plan
  • The psychology of hope
  • Finding purpose
  • Reducing anxiety – simple strategies 

How does the seminar work?

The ‘live’ seminar will be  delivered  on Zoom from 9.30  am to 12.30 pm on Saturday 27th November to a closed group (all participants will have registered beforehand). A special library of resources relating to the various strategies/ themes will be made available to participants. Recording of the seminar is strictly prohibited. All the material is strictly copyrighted. By registering for the course you are accepting these conditions.