Are you an addict?

A lot of addicts are not fully aware of their addictions. A lot of us have become slaves to our mobile phones. It’s a really serious problem.

Are you a smartphone addict? Answer these questions to explore your dependency on pocket-sized technology

1. Can you do without your phone when you’re watching a movie with your partner/family?

2. Do you ever find yourself answering emails when lying on the couch or at the dinner table?

3. Do you switch off your mobile when attending a theatre/arts event? (Fully off and not on silent)

4. When you bring your child to the sporting field do you give their performance your undivided attention or are you on your phone as well?

5. Do you check your phone while driving?

6. Do you have your phone on your bedside locker at night?

7. When you book into a hotel do you ask immediately for the WiFi password?

8. When you go out for dinner – do you deliberately leave your phone in the car?

9. Do you find yourself wasting precious time watching useless and repetitive information on your phone?

10. Do you check for text messages and update while in inappropriate places? (i.e toilet)

(C) Shane Martin