Worrying solves nothing!

Worrying solves nothing. In fact it can become a habit. Sometimes worrying is understandable and justified. It has its place but you shouldn’t let it take you over. Worrying more does not help you more. It is almost like meditating on the negative. Worrying less is a much better idea.

Many people worry about things that will never happen. Too much quality time (all time is precious) is spent focussing on things that cannot change and things that we have no control over. Our negative predictions, prophesies and doom and gloom theories engulf us.

One of the greatest strategies for easing the ‘worry grip’ is distraction. It is too easy to lie on the couch for too long. Or sit in the silence with no voice of reason to assure you or contradict your unhelpful, irrational and illogical conversations. Internalising worry allows it complete control.

You should do everything within your power to become distracted. Whether you feel like it or not you should connect with other people and become absorbed in other conversations. Get out of your ‘worry space’ and the excessive worrying will soon become dismantled by social connectivity. Or throw yourself into a hobby. It’s all about breaking the habit.

(c) Shane Martin