Don’t let the weekend slip away without re-energising yourself!

1. Rest (take a little sleep-in)
2. Make a concrete decision not to let work infringe (no emails, no admin). Unplug laptops etc
3. Switch your mobile off or leave it in the car.
4. Sit at a table while you’re eating, eat slowly and taste the food
5. Do a family thing – a cook-in meal, a quiz or board game, a movie with lights out and popcorn
6. Decide to have one night without television. Get a real good bottle of wine and switch some music on. Chat.
7. Go for a long walk to where nature waits to refresh you – a seaside stroll or a forest park. Watch, listen, smell, touch and give praise for being here
8. Ring an old friend or write a letter/card
9. Call/FaceTime someone who is sick, bereaved or lonely. Let kids chat so that they know that everyone is not happy right now. Count your blessings.
10. Have a good old laugh. Keep company with good humoured people. The laugher is contagious!
(C) Shane Martin