Cuddle up to an optimist!

Some people are naturally optimistic. They are good triers and never give up easily. Sometimes they can be foolhardy and don’t assess for all risks. But during challenging times they become a real asset. They harness hope when all hope seems to have been lost.
Pessimistic people are cautious by nature. They are nearly always ready for challenge because they almost seem to expect it. However, they can weaken when tested because they are more fearful of failure. They tend to take failure personally. They give up more easily.
There are advantages and disadvantages to both pessimism and optimism. However, during a pandemic it’s the optimistic people that we need to promote to the top of the classroom. We need to engage more with them in order to put a bounce in our step. The truth is that in April 2020 it was the optimistic people that predicted vaccines. And vaccines are slowly changing things for the better.
Pessimistic people need to show the optimists more respect. They need to engage with them and give them more time. It is too easy to dismiss an optimist’s theory and to cut them out of conversation. It is the optimistic people that we need at the moment.

(c) Shane Martin