1. If you work hard you’ll be successful and then be happy. Untrue. A lot of people work hard, are successful and find no happiness.

2. If you had lots of money you’d be a lot happier. Untrue. Research indicates the opposite. Studies show that once you have enough money you have enough money! More money does not guarantee health or happiness.

3. A good job gives you a good life. Not necessarily. Many people have prestigious positions but feel empty. We’re happiest in jobs that tap into our inner-strengths.

4. Kindness is a vulnerability. Untrue. Kindness is actually a strength associated with greater inner-contentment and better self-esteem.

5. Some people are just born boring. Not true. Many people become boring when they let their jobs and roles define them. People often contribute to their own misery by giving up the things that make them tick. Or never trying something new.

(C) Shane Martin