Are you a worrypot? There’s hope for you!

Worry is a human construction. It has physiological consequences and can affect the stomach, bowel, heart, lungs, throat to name but a few. Worry stems from thought processes and they are also human constructions. By constantly worrying we train our bodies to remain in a ‘red alert’ mode. We become consistently agitated and find it hard to sleep. Our body nearly forgets how to relax. It’s easy to get good at worrying and practice definitely helps!

Thankfully, we also have an innate ability to calm ourselves down. Our brains can instigate an internal healing process. However, this takes practice.

Sometimes the people that we think can cope best are actually under the greatest pressure!

If you worry excessively it may be worth exploring meditation, particularly mindfulness. Through meditation we learn to remove ourselves from the grip of thinking and experience the calming freedom of just being who we are in the present moment. Some people find mindfulness challenging and the snag is that only daily practice makes a significant difference to our quality of life. However, it’s worth the practice. It’s worth reading, learning and trying simple exercises and forming them as daily rituals. Some of the most simple practices make a huge difference in a world that’s far too complicated.

(c) Shane Martin