How to refresh yourself over the weekend: 10 TIPS

How to have a refreshing weekend

1. Rest (take a little sleep-in)
2. Make a concrete decision not to let work infringe (no emails, no admin). Unplug laptops etc
3. Switch your mobile off or pretend you have lost it. Leave it in the car.
4. Sit at a table while you’re eating, eat slowly and taste the food
5. Do a family thing – a day away, a meal out, a movie trip or a concert
6. Decide to have one night without television. Get a real good bottle of wine and switch some music on. Chat.
7. Go for a long walk to where nature waits to refresh you – a seaside stroll or a forest park. Watch, listen, smell, touch and give praise for being here
8. Ring an old friend and arrange to meet them soon
9. Call on someone who is sick, bereaved or lonely. Bring the kids so that they know that everyone is not happy right now. Count your blessings.
10. Have a good old laugh. Keep company with good humoured people. The laugher is contagious!
(C) Shane Martin