Shane will engage his audience with stories, humour and some of his poems in what will be a perfect appetiser to the Christmas season.

There is nothing more rewarding than reaching out to others in need. It gives your life meaning and any kindness you offer is never wasted. We are all on a journey. Helping others draws you away from your own obsessions and worries. You can put your own problems in better context when reaching out to others. No matter what you are going through there is someone not too far away going through something similar or even worse. Acts of kindness help bring people together. People need people. We are each others’ greatest resource.


I want to help raise funds for the Mitchell sisters, Mairead and Aoibheann. I know their parents Hilary and Kathleen. Lovely people. Lovely family. All parents want their children to become independent and to live a fulfilling life. Five years ago, in their late teens and with little warning both girls were diagnosed with a condition known as Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP). It has been a difficult time for them and their family. Having one child diagnosed with a disability is difficult, having two is pretty overwhelming.

Two specially designed apartments are being built for the girls. Their parents’ life savings have been exhausted but there is still a long way to go to bring them to completion and to pay the very considerable costs associated with this project.

I will be delivering a special seminar in the Hawk’s Well Theatre on Sunday 17th December at 8pm. Admission is €15. All proceeds raised will go to this very worthy cause. The seminar will contain the best material that I teach – offering scientifically validated strategies linked to achieving a better quality of life. The emphasis will be on simple changes and approaches that will potentially enhance our lives, offering pathways to greater inner-happiness, less stress and more fulfilment.

I am appealing to followers of Moodwatchers to give me a helping hand by spreading word around about this special seminar. Please make contact with family members, friends or colleagues who you feel would be interested in it.

Spend a relaxing evening with me in what will be a perfect appetiser to the Christmas season. I  aim to engage the audience through stories, humour and some of my poetry. The focus will be on what science has shown to make people happier, what gives them more meaning and purpose in life, and what measures they can take to lead to overall greater health.

It should be a night full of festive cheer and goodwill as I share  some simple, practical, and most importantly, evidence-based strategies linked to a better quality of life.

Tickets for the seminar can be purchased through the Box Office, Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo from Tuesday 7th November