15 tips for better sleep

  1. Avoid big meals at night. Let your digestive system wind down.images-1

  2. Avoid alcohol at night. It’s a stimulant.

  3. Cut down on caffeine. Some people take it to stay awake! It’s best to leave it out altogether.

  4. Avoid drinking too many liquid hours before pillow time or your kidneys will wake you up.

Avoid smoking. Leave your brain chemistry alone.images-2

Breathing exercises calm your body. Inhale fully. Hold for a few seconds and exhale fully. Slowly repeat this for ten minutes. Your brain starts to realise that you wish to slow down.

Don’t bottle worries. Seek advice and evaluate them to see how realistic they are. Seek the best possible solutions and remind yourself that this is all that you can do for now.

Don’t have your bedroom too warm

  9. Keep mobile phones, iPads, televisions etc. out of the bedroom. Your bedroom needs to be clearly defined as a place of rest. Not a place for emails or text messages.images

Say your prayers (if you have a faith)
. Prayers calm us.

  11. Visualize a lovely scene.

  12. Remember a wonderful day.

  13. Think about the three best things that happened to you today.

  14. Have a warm bath.images-3

  15. Listen to soft instrumental music on low volume and set the sleep button for a hour.

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