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Why worry too much?

Worrying is very often a private conversation that we have about something unproven or something that may or may not happen. It’s an unsettling feeling which fosters anxiety and can lead to panic. The truth is that we all have the capacity to worry for as long as we want about anything. For instance, you could spend four or five hours tonight worrying about something that may never happen. You’re a free agent and can definitely do this. However, you’d be no further on and would lose the whole night as a consequence.

It’s important to remind yourself that allowing yourself to worry for hours is actually counterproductive. It would be much wiser to distract oneself in such circumstances. Throwing yourself into a hobby, a work task or keeping generally busy will help loosen the worry grip. But it would be even better to discuss what’s concerning you with a number of family members or close friends. Or even a professional.

Seeking neutral, objective and fair-minded advice would potentially ease your worry. Listen with an open-mind. Consider other perspectives.
The reality is that we all have to work within our scope of influence. Sometimes that can be quite limited. We do not have control over every situation. However, seeking the best possible solution available and accepting that this is best that you can do is an approach worth practising . Sometimes we have good grounds to worry. Other times our worries are groundless. But the less time we give worry the better!
(C) Shane Martin