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I’ve written out a prescription for anyone who is worrying a lot!!

  1. Listen to people who are qualified and know what they are talking about when you’re seeking advice
  2. Remember that you can worry as much as you want to. Staying in your own company for too long makes this easier to do. Communicate with more people especially good humoured people!
  3. Distraction is a strategy proven to alleviate physical pain. It can also alleviate mental anguish. Dig up an old hobby. Start something new.
  4. Keep company with optimistic people. Listen for longer to their theories. They are often very wise people. You could do with an alternative viewpoint at the moment!
  5. Breathing exercises train your body to relax. Sometimes you have to remind your brain to induce the calming hormones. With practice you get good at doing this again. Check out the Headspace or Calm Apps or explore mindfulness courses online
  6. If you have faith – lean on it. It’s harder to feel terrified when you believe you’re being looked after.
  7. If you haven’t faith you can tap into your spirituality (those with faith can also do this). Connect better with the world around you.
  8. Remember that all crises pass. Often we look back wondering why we worried ourselves so much at the time.
  9. Surround yourself with the people who love you most. Open up to them and let them help and reassure you.
  10. Remind yourself that between any life event and our response to it there is a space. Often it’s not the life event that’s critical but even more so our response to it that makes the difference. You can negotiate your response. You’ve an innate capacity to cope much better than you think. Allow yourself to contemplate this truth.

(C) Shane Martin (Moodwatchers)


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