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Unknown1. Remind yourself of the things that you are good at. Everyone has inner strengths.

2. Stop doing things for sole for praise. See praise as a ‘bonus’ for doing the right things.
3. Some people have very positive conversations about you when you’re not around. Sometimes people forget to affirm you.

4. Do not measure your self-worth by comparing yourself to others. There will always be people who have things which you desire.images

5. Stop trying to become someone else. Embrace the wonderful person that you are already.

6. Everyone is imperfect. We all make mistakes. You share this imperfection with everyone else on the planet.

7. You are a unique person with a unique contribution to make to this world. Life is a gift and so are you.

8. Remind yourself that your mood is coloured by the conversations that you have with yourself. Focus on what is right about yourself and your life.

compassion9. Remind yourself of some of your achievements. No one is a total disaster!!

10. Open yourself up socially and engage in many social circles. Investment in numerous friendships leaves you less dependent on a few.

(C) Shane Martin

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