Monthly Archives: July 2014

Wake up to the beauty of this world!

IMG_2906Sometimes we focus all our energy on thinking all about the things that we have lost in life. Other times we obsess ourselves about the things that we need and don’t have. Scientific research into happiness indicates that a sense of gratitude is at the heart of a more sustainable inner-happiness. We need to count our blessings more. Often we take for granted all that we are blessed with. Many people fail to connect with the wonder of this world that we live in. I spent IMG_2878hours yesterday walking around Rosses Point and Strandhill. There is beauty all around us especially in a place like this. The miracle of the sea breeze that fans our faces, the smell of seaweed, the cries of gliding seagulls, the lapping waters of the ocean, the endless carpet of golden sand and the majesty of rocks that have survived centuries watching over it all.


It would do us the world of good to go for a good long walk and take the magic of the world in – to savour it. We do not have to be in Sligo to see the beauty of the butterflies as they dart from petal to petal, to hear the humming sound of the bees, to smell the aroma of cutgrass, to look at the enigma of a sky that goes on forever. Whatever pattern the clouds make is a once-off canvass that replaces itself in seconds. I have loaded someIMG_2893 photographs with this blog and they represent me connecting with the world over a number of hours yesterday. It did my heart good. It helped clear my mind. I feel children can easily miss out on all of this magic. They need to hear the birds sing, to feel the leaves, to watch the caterpillars crawl knowing that they transform into princes and princesses and inherit this kingdom. On the rare occasions when the sun peeps out in this country, we should not be lying on the couch, watching heedless television or immersed in twitter or texts. We need to bask more in the glory of this world. We need to wake up to the amazing place that it is. And feel gratitude for the privilege of being here.