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During this unprecedented period in our history we are being forced to consider new technologies as we strive to continue the professional development of our teams and communities. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)  cannot come to a complete halt. In fact, we need an emphasis on well-being and resilience like never before. We must embrace new ideas, formats and approaches. We need to be open-minded and innovative.

For over 12 years I have visited schools, hospitals and workplaces  throughout the island of Ireland delivering on-site seminars on a range of relevant topics to the specific professions involved.  I mixed the best evidence-based research around topics like wellbeing, happiness and resilience with my experience as a psychologist. I always delivered this information with an acute awareness of the unique needs of the group which I was addressing . Indeed, sometimes such talks were responding to specified needs within the organisation or company.  This is my preferred approach. It meant that I prepared in advance of my visit and was assured that my messages would ‘land’ properly with each unique group. Despite the necessity to embrace online technologies I still want that degree of intimacy protected. I am not comfortable with a ‘global’ approach or pre-recorded material being made available to vast numbers of staff.

I will always approach the audience as a unique group of individuals and always ensure that my content resonates with them in a special way. I like facilitating  questions and answers and staff  were able to contact me after my visits for professional guidance. I was able to point them in the right direction if they had worries or concerns. This is the professional and ethical approach and cannot be compromised.

I am offering all my seminars in a one-hour format online now.  These seminars are delivered ‘live’, at a specified time to a closed group (all participants will have registered beforehand). A half hour for discussion will be facilitated at the end of the presentation. My slides will be available online alongside a special library of resources for further reading. A password will be needed to join the online seminar and to access the literature. Recording of the seminar is strictly prohibited. This must be explained to all participants beforehand. All my material is copyrighted.

The three most popularly requested seminars that I deliver are outlined in the brochure  which I can forward by email. The host/manager of the meeting will need to liaise with me on the phone line above. All my seminars are delivered through Zoom.

If you wish to discuss this further with me, please phone me on  071-9152653









I have delivered tailor-made programmes to health professionals throughout the island of Ireland for years. Many of these study days or CPD events have been instigated and facilitated by the various representative bodies of nearly all health professions including HIQA, AOTI, INMO, INDI, IASW , TUSLA, IRSPEN, ISCP etc. I have been a keynote speaker at numerous national conferences on topics like positive mental health, resilience and wellbeing in the workplace. In recent months I have been part of a Healthy Ireland initiative where my seminars have been delivered to HSE staff across various regions. As a health professional with experience of working on multidisciplinary teams I can make this material resonate with everyone by mixing the best evidence-based psychology and realistic strategies as I communicates  powerful messages about well being, positive mental health and resilience.

The online seminars are of one-hour duration. The maximum number of people who can attend an online seminar is 80. For larger teams, it may be necessary to arrange a number of seminars to ensure all the team can avail of them. Please contact me on 071-9152653 to discuss practicalities etc. Everything is possible. It is new territory for all of us but it is remarkable what is already happening in all sectors during  the current challenging time