Wake Up! You’re Here! – a ‘live’ webinar for all the family


A ‘live’ wellbeing webinar with Shane Martin on Monday April 24th at 8 p.m. It sold out last time. BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!
In recent years psychologists have started to examine positive emotion. This research has focused on what makes people happier, what gives them more meaning and purpose in life, and what measures they can take to lead to overall greater health.
This webinar will outline simple, practical, and most importantly, evidence-based strategies linked to a better quality of life. The hope is that it will uplift and inspire change in the lives of those who attend but even more importantly inspire participants to incorporate it into their homes, workplaces and communities.
Fee €25 (plus €2.55 booking fee) FAMILY TICKET (Whoever lives in the house is welcome to attend – one zoom link per house/residence)
Stream it via Chromecast or connect you laptop to your TV
“A mix of psychology, poetry, stories and humour aimed at easing minds and lifting hearts”

“Inspiring, engaging with great belly laughs.”

“Empowering and entertaining”

“A tonic for the times we live in”

“You leave with hope and a spring in your step”

Having sold out theatres like the Hawk’s Well (Sligo), Iontas (Castleblayney) and Black Box (Belfast) you can now attend this uplifting show ‘live’ from your living room – even stream it from your laptop to your TV

Fee €25 (plus booking fee of €2.55) FAMILY TICKET

THE RESILIENCE TOOLBOX – a short-course on the psychology of resilience 

Resilience is the ability to adapt to the challenges of life and work. It’s about bouncing back rather than falling apart. In recent decades science has uncovered specific traits/factors that can be utilised that help us become more resilient. It is important that we take an evidence-based approach and adopt strategies that help us sustain our mental health and grow stronger.

ThIs special short-course called ‘THE RESILIENCE TOOLBOX’ consists of two 60 minutes morning classes via Zoom.

Saturday May 8th 10.30-11.30 a.m.

Saturday May 15th 10.30 -11.30 a.m.

The first session called BUILDING RESILIENCE WITHIN MYSELF explores strategies proven to be beneficial in times of challenge. It will offer strategies for coping during testing times. This session is aimed at YOU!

The second session is called CULTIVATING RESILIENCE WITHIN YOUNG PEOPLE . It examines ways for cultivating a culture of resilience within our homes, schools and communities. It outlines interventions proven to promote resilience in young people and proposes evidence-based interventions useful for parents, teachers, guardians and those who work with young people.

A special library of resources on resilience (literature, academic articles) will be made available for participants to help foster a comprehensive knowledge of this key area.

Both sessions are delivered ‘live’ via a Webinar and the ‘chat’ feature within Zoom will be facilated to allow you to ask questions. Shane will answer a selection of questions after each seminar.