With the advent of COVID-19 everything has changed. We find ourselves in a place where we were never before. Anxiety is the prevalent emotion of this time. It’s hard to plan ahead and we humans like to know what is coming next. It’s very unsettling. We find ourselves uneasy and apprehensive about the future.

When facing uncertainty and upheaval we need not only to cope but to foster all the inner-strengths we can find to rise to new challenges.

I have designed a range of online seminars to help people during this stressful period. We need to adapt. We need to do different things and to do things differently. We must learn to cope and crucially learn to hold onto our health. There is no better option than coping and holding onto our health – especially during periods in our life when we need to most.

Whether you are a school staff, company, community group, health professionals or someone at home needing a boost – email me for a brochure of options .

Science has uncovered specific traits/factors that can be harnessed that will make us more resilient. All my online seminars will highlight evidence-based strategies linked to positive outcomes during challenging times. We have an innate capacity to surprise ourselves with how well we can cope over the coming months. Very simple strategies can be learned and it’s my pleasure to teach these to any group who want to know them

Shane Martin