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Often small changes to how we plan our days can enhance the quality of our life over time. Sometimes we expect too much too soon. Improvement to the quality of our life only happens when we form new habits – habits that are proven scientifically to make a difference. We need to be patient before we see or ‘feel’ the results.

Here are three changes you could make and over the next 5-6 weeks you will potentially find yourself in better form more often.

1. You’ve heard about it. You’ve read about it and it’s true. Structured daily exercise lifts mood. Even a half hour brisk walk everyday for the next six weeks will deliver results that you will definitely notice. You might even find yourself sleeping better too. Daily exercise rivals anti-depressants in many studies but it demands discipline. Sometimes we need to lean on others to help us form the habit. Agreeing on a set time each day and asking friends to join you will make it easier to stick to the new regime

2. I often advise parents that one of the greatest things they can give a child is a hobby. It can prove to be a lifelong friend. Hobbies distract us and we experience psychological flow when we participate in activities that we enjoy or when try new things out. Flow is when we lose consciousness of ourselves, others and the world. An example of this would be reading the newspaper and all of a sudden smelling the burnt dinner. I’m sorry that the dinner got burnt but all the right parts of your brain lit up when you were reading. You weren’t thinking of your worries or focussed on the stresses of your life.We tend to give up our hobbies as we grow older. That’s when we need them most. What do you do that you truly love doing? How often do you do it? When last did you try something different? Sometimes people only work and sleep and they want to know why they feel so miserable!!

3. We often need to be on our own. We need some peace to hear ourselves think or just to stop thinking altogether. However, we are social creatures by nature and people need people in their lives. The more friends we have the better. And we can have different types of friends – close friends, neighbours, cousins or just people we know a little bit about through clubs or community groups. We should accept all invitations. It’s lovely to be asked to places and we should issue invitations as well. We spend far too much time in front of screens. According to research the people who are more social encounter less physical and mental health challenges. And the most resilient people always lean on others.

(C) Shane Martin


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