It’s easy to be scared at the moment

The fires are raging across Europe. The war is ravaging Ukraine and its effects are far reaching. The cost of living has accelerated. It is very hard to get away from the doom and gloom. The pandemic was a surreal experience and humbled, humiliated and horrified us. It left a hangover of anxiety that is quite profound. It reminded us about a reality that we rarely contemplate – we don’t govern the earth. We are all passing through and there is so much of our lives that we have no control over. The more you think about this the more unsettled you become. Such an approach breeds a level of anxiety that is unnecessary and unhelpful. I suggest a completely different approach.

Ever since the beginning of time all humans have had to encounter crises. We all will face challenges and upheaval in our lives. Life is an imperfect journey. However, the truth is that there have always been people who can cope better than others. Some people defy the odds. Some people rise to challenges and learn from them. They can manage periods of instability better than others, carry the hurts and survive the dark periods wiser and stronger. We can learn from these people.

We need to learn how to bounce back rather than falling apart. If you are strong in resilience, you can harness your inner strengths and coping mechanisms to not only withstand the stresses but to thrive through periods of adversity. If you are low in resilience, you will focus too much on your problems and deficits and be overwhelmed during challenges. You will be drawn towards unhealthy conclusions and become more vulnerable instead of stronger. Becoming more resilient will not mean that problems disappear. It does not mean that you have to become ‘as hard as nails’. Resilience is more about learning how to cope – tapping into our own resources and fostering inner-strengths in order to stay ‘standing’ during and after crisis.

Science has uncovered specific traits/factors that can be utilised at work and in our lives in general. This special online seminar will outline some evidence-based strategies linked to greater outcomes during challenge and change – strategies that we can integrate into our daily lives that will serve us very well during the tougher times .

Would you like to learn how to become more resilient? Or how to help someone who is going through a tough time? This is your opportunity to learn the strategies that scientific studies have proven to make a critical difference when it comes to positive outcomes. I am looking forward to sharing the best tips available.

Saturday 29th July 10.30-12 noon
A recording of the seminar will be made available to those who register but are unable to attend the ‘live’ event.

The seminar costs €30 (plus Eventbrite booking fee) and is open to everyone. Book your place now.

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