My Moodwatchers Psychology Course will be available online over five consecutive Monday mornings (10.30 -11.30 am) starting on Monday 25th May. I use Zoom and there has been a very positive response to my course since I started delivering this course via this format . Mornings may not suit everyone but many people have expressed an interest in it.
Just letting you know. It may suit you or someone you know.
The course costs €60 and includes access to slides, literature and  a library of resources which will be made available online.

The Moodwatchers course  provides people with an opportunity to create a space for themselves each week to get away from their daily stresses and strains. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their lives and learn what science has uncovered about becoming healthier, happier and more resilient. The focus will be on simple yet powerful practices to enhance the quality of your life.

The course contains the best material that I teach condensed into a series of five one-hour ‘live’ lessons online. The no nonsense practical ideas from my book ‘Your Precious Life-How to Live it Well’ will be delivered an informal style.

The course will not intrude on anyone’s privacy. There will be some time for discussion at the end of each class but no one will feel under pressure to talk. It is important to know that the seminar is for everyone and is not aimed at people with mental health challenges.  Often people working within the health profession do the course for professional reasons. Sometimes an interest in psychology draws people to it. However, most people enrol  because they want to take time-out from a busy and stressful life schedule to learn simple evidence-based strategies linked to a better quality of life.

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