Time stopped for me this weekend.

I’ve often suggested that people need to re-energise themselves by trying out new challenges. Many people never discover their real strengths because they keep doing the same things forever. Change can be an antidote to the stresses of life. New tasks, new company and new scenery can revitalise you.

I spent this weekend at Clooneenagh House in west County Clare. Many months ago I enrolled for a two-day beginners’ clock repair course. My father was a great lover of antique clocks when I was younger. At that time I had no interest in them at all.

Under the watchful eye of horological expert and author Nigel Barnes we were tasked with taking an old clock apart, cleaning all its parts and reassembling it again. This was a huge challenge to a novice like me but Nigel’s expertise was delivered in a gentle and unassuming style. It tested me. It teased me but most importantly it stretched me. But with my clock now fully reconditioned it ticks perfectly on the kitchen table. I feel great satisfaction. During these two days I experienced psychological flow. We all need some flow in our lives. In truth, time stopped for me this weekend. I also felt a sense of spiritual unity with my father.