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It’s not often that I bring my work to the public arena. Usually, I am engaged by employers to address their staffs. However, I am constantly receiving enquiries on a daily basis from people wondering if I will be doing any public shows in the foreseeable future. I did three of these public events over the past twelve months in Sligo, Belfast and Castleblayney. I hired theatres so that I could reach as many people as possible.  All three shows sold out!! It was amazing. Even more amazing was the fact that they were only advertised on the Moodwatchers Facebook page, through the Moodwatchers Twitter forum and through my Moodwatchers blog.

I have a busy work schedule and the truth is that it is very hard to organise these shows. It is my intention to organise a nationwide tour (including Dublin and Cork) to coincide with my next book. My next book will be a book of poems. It’s twelve years since my last publication of poems. The book will be entitled Thin Lines and is almost finished. I want to integrate my new poems with the themes of a brand new show which I am planning for the spring time. I am very excited about this. 

However, people continue to enquire about when the next show for the public will happen. Many people were unable to get tickets last time. I have decided to organise one more show this December. The Iontas Theatre in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan will be the venue on the 10th December at 8 pm. The Pathways to Health and Happiness show (which sold out in June ) will return to this fine theatre and I’m giving you a heads-up because this time it will be advertised on the radio and through newspapers. It’s highly likely that it will sell-out again. So if you want to re-energise or catch it for the first time – now is the time to purchase your ticket (s). Maybe, you have a friend or family member who would benefit from a psychological boost!! As it is December some staffs are incorporating the event into their Christmas night out!

So this notification is to alert you to the fact that tickets are on sale now. If you would like to purchase a ticket you can do so through the following link. 

Castleblayney is just over an hour from Belfast and from Dublin.



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