Monthly Archives: August 2018






1. Be openminded and ensure that you try new things and visit new spots.
2. It’s important that your holiday is not regimental and strictly governed by a schedule. That’s too much like ordinary life!
3. Connect in a meaningful way with the people on your trip remembering that they are on a holiday too! It’s not all about yourself.
4. Don’t waste too much of your precious days in bed. You can always sleep-in at home
5. If you are with children it’s important to remind yourself that their interests will not necessarily match yours. Don’t engage in their activities in a begruding way. Unmask the child within yourself.
6. Taste the local food and drink.
7. If you like reading get up early and treat yourself to uninterrupted periods where you can do this. This is very refreshing.
8. Take lots of photographs but this time ensure that they don’t stay in your phone. In the future you can savour the golden days and lift your mood by revisiting them
9. If you are holidaying in a sunny spot make sure to walk plenty. You can’t blame the weather anymore. You’ve no excuse.
10. Don’t expect people to be mind readers. If there is something very self-indulgent that you’d love to do on your holiday make your case to your partner and cut a deal!

(C)Shane Martin