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How to have a happier Christmas……

Within the crib is the story of Christmas. The simplicity of the surroundings is matched with the simplicity of the message of love


1 . Connect with yourself. Often we haven’t time to think. Treat yourself to a long walk on the beach or in the forest park. Hear yourself think and become aware that you are here.

2. Connect properly with your husband, wife or partner. A chat over a glass of wine as the firewood crackles can beat a night of television. Make sure the box in the corner or the iPad doesn’t steal away every night of Christmas.

3. If you have children connect more deeply with them. I meet people who regret not having got to know their children while they were growing up. Lie on the ground and play with them. Tell them bedtime stories. Time passes by quickly.

4. Brothers and sisters can come together socially more easily than you think. Arranging to meet up for dinner (at a halfway point – if geography is a problem) should be factored into your schedule.

5. Connect with friends. Make sure to meet up with your friends for a chat. We’re all too busy during the year and Christmas can allow you to catch-up with old friends over a morning coffee or afternoon drink. You may have to initiate this – you make need to make the first move.

6. If you are a Christian you should ensure that you connect with the crib – the story of Jesus. This will help give your Christmas greater spiritual meaning. The story of Christmas is one of love and compassion. Often it gets lost in the glitter and tinsel.

7. Connect with the lonely and bereaved. Christmas is a challenging time for them but a short visit and small gift can transform their evening.

8. Connect with the sick. There may be a relative, neighbour or friend who is very sick this Christmas. A phonecall or a quick visit to the hospital may bring some light into their day. This kindness will be its own reward for you.

Christmas is a season of joy but some people dread it for different reasons. However, the holiday does allow time for us to connect better with each other. People need people. We are each other’s greatest resource.

Wishing you a restful and peaceful Christmas in the company of all those whom you love.
(C) Shane Martin