Monthly Archives: August 2017

6 Hidden Truths about the Leaving Certificate

  1. After finding yourself totally obsessed with it for nearly two years when you get to college no one will be asking you about it. Life moves on very quickly.
  2. It’s an overrated exam. Many people achieve great results but fail to find their feet in life. There are so many more important aspects to your life than exams.
  3. Often people who fail to get the points they wanted still pursue their careers of choice. The road might be a bit longer but there is a back door into everything.
  4. Life is full of challenges and you need to become better at managing them. The Leaving Certificate was just one of these challenges.
  5. You probably coped better than you thought you would and surprised yourself with some results. Take this as a lesson and never underestimate yourself again!
  6. Being healthy and truly happy in life is not dependent on academic results but much deeper traits and spiritual connections.

Celebrate  the good results but never lose hope when faced with disappointment.  Failure is only a temporary setback on the way to future success.

(c) Shane Martin