I’m giving a talk on resilience on Wednesday 6th September at 7.30 pm. The venue is National Learning Network (across from the old cinema) in Monaghan. Admission is free. One reality about this life for everybody is the inevitability of having to face challenges. Scientists have identified traits and strategies linked to better outcomes during these periods. I’ll be sharing the best tips of the survivors – the people who ‘bounce’ back from crisis with their health intact. Suitable for everyone.

Looking forward to my visit to Ballyfermot to talk about the ‘Science of Bouncibility’ How can we bounce back after setbacks and disappointments? What kind of things should we do to help us through challenging times? How do we keep ourselves together when our world seems to be falling apart? St. Matthew’s Church, Ballyfermot at 7.30 pm


MindEd – An 8 week Mindfulness Programme for the Educator

The world of education is a hectic place. We can often find ourselves ‘catching up’ or operating on ‘fast forward’. We are often occupied in our thoughts – thinking about what has happened in the last class or imagining what might happen in the next. At the same time as we are feverishly ‘thinking’ we are also frantically ‘doing’ and this is happening in the context of the seemingly relentless pressure on our role as educators such as: work overload and uncertainty, longer hours, interpersonal issues, and pressure to perform. Financial worries, family and personal relationships issues are often additional pressures. Many of us may feel that we are hurtling through our days on ‘automatic pilot’. It is no surprise that we can sometimes feel distracted, drained, overwhelmed or even frazzled.
One way to restore the balance in our lives is through learning how to ‘be’ in the here and now. Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose in the present moment with kindness. It is learning to live with life as it is, however it is, rather than how we imagine it to be. Mindfulness helps us to directly experience what is happening right here, right now.
Within education there is increasing evidence of the efficacy of mindfulness for both students and teachers. Based on the findings from published studies practising mindfulness can help to boost attention and awareness, and reduce stress levels resulting in an overall greater sense of wellbeing.


This EIGHT WEEK course will introduce you to some basic practices to help cultivate and integrate mindfulness into your working and personal life. This will include experiential mindfulness exercises including some gentle movement, short talks and discussion. The practices are orientated to fostering well-being, learning, and responding to stressors. Full completion of the course is also recognised for those who wish to pursue further training in mindfulness applications e.g. PAWS (primary school), .b (secondary schools), and MBCT and MBSR teacher training.
The course will run for eight weeks beginning on Monday Oct 2nd to Monday November 27th, 18.00-20.30, in DCU, St Patrick’s, Drumcondra. There will be no class on Monday Oct 30th due to public holiday. There will be a day of mindfulness practice between weeks six and seven, on Saturday November 18th, 9.30-15.30.

The course fee is €290.00 and includes:

8 Monday evening classes 6.00 – 8.30pm, Jan 23rd – Mar 20th (no class on Mon. Feb. 20th due to school holidays)
A “Mindfulness Day” on Saturday March 11th, 9.30am – 3.30pm
All course materials and audio files
Pre-course orientation call


St Patrick’s Campus DCU, Drumcondra

Paul King
I am a former second level teacher, now working as Programme Director and lecturer on the M.Sc. in Guidance Counselling (MSGC) and on the Professional Masters in Education (PME) programmes at the School of Human Development, Institute of Education, DCU. I incorporate mindfulness into my personal and working life through personal practice and in my teaching and research interests in mental health and wellbeing. In 2012 I completed the .b [dot-be] programme, designed for the teaching of mindfulness in second level schools, with the UK based Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) and have since taught .b in a number of schools. Currently, I am completing mindfulness teacher training in MBSR with the Centre for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA and a PhD in the area of mindfulness and education. I have previously jointly taught this mindfulness programme for educators with my colleague, Anthony Keane.
Anthony Keane
I work as a teacher and counsellor in Hartstown CS, D15. I have a long-standing interest in mindfulness meditation and especially its applications to stress reduction, psychotherapy and education. After studying psychology in UCD, I completed an MSc in psychotherapy. During this time, I conducted research on mindfulness training among university students and on the influence of mindfulness practice on psychotherapists and their work. I have facilitated mindfulness trainings with a variety of groups, including GPs, psychotherapists and secondary school students. I am committed to on-going professional development with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in the University of Bangor, Wales.
For further information please contact:

Paul King/Anthony Keane via email: mindedprogrammes@gmail.com or phone: 01-8842022