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ISBN 978-1-78605-001-4

Shane Martin Registered Psychologist of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Registered Teacher of the Teaching Council
Shane Martin
Registered Psychologist of the Psychological Society of Ireland








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We all want a life worth living. The search for ‘the good life’ has been a driving force for humanity throughout history. But what exactly is a ‘good life’? For too long psychologists have concerned themselves solely with helping the mentally unwell – those who suffer from depression, anxiety and a range of other mental health problems. More recently, however, psychologists have begun to focus on mental health, not just mental ill health, on happiness as well as unhappiness.

Drawing on the latest research in the area of positive psychology, and using a practical, down-to-earth style with real-life stories, my book outlines how we can bolster our mental health in order to be as happy and resilient as we can be. In Your Precious Life I offer guidelines along the path to optimal mental health and inner happiness, focusing on:

• Rational thinking

• Compassion

• Gratitude

• Savouring

• Resilience

• Community and belonging

• Mindfulness

• The importance of a healthy body – diet, exercise and sleep

I believe that everyone can use the tools of psychology to improve their happiness. We should not wait for a crisis before learning to address this crucial part of our well-being, but take proactive steps towards mental wellness. My forthcoming book entitled ‘Your Precious Life’ will appeal to anyone who wants to ensure that the one life we have is a good one.